Shannon Wedding

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After photographing these two for their engagement, I was super excited to photograph their wedding. I am not sure why or what connects people on a scientific level but I felt like this was special and may have been just excited as the bride! They are two of the sweetest people you will meet and their kind, fun and wild hearts extend beyond themselves. It was a blessing to be able to capture this amazing wedding out at the retreat at Brandley’s Pond.

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Wilson Kids

Wilson Kids featured

These two little munchkins are so sweet and act like they have been modeling for years because they certianly were pros! Although many shoots have their outtakes, there were only a few as they seemed to just roll with it. Although this little princess was against the cheese grin that day, I think she was perfect just the way she was! I love being able to capture these moments for families because time goes so fast we often don’t get the opportunity to sit and enjoy each and every moment- nor would we want to- my little one just wiped a booger on her brother yesterday… you can have that moment. Being a mom/dad is a gift but let’s face it…. I need a break to sit in the bathroom with the door closed to eat a kit kat because I don’t want to share with the kids 😉

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Demont Wedding


This wedding I had the privilege to shoot is close to my heart. It is my sweet boss and his wonderful bride. I have had the pleasure to work with Mark for 2.5 years and have been a part of the Demont family ever since. He is a man of generous opportunities and I was bless to have been chosen for their intimate wedding.  These two people are so much fun and together they has some wonderful, gorgeous and bright children. It was a pleasure working with them!
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