Newborn Photography | Cummings | Tallahassee

Newborn photographer on location in home

Sweet Newborn Sofie

A couple months ago I had the opportunity to do a maternity shoot for this AMAZING mama… Well the very next day she went into labor. I am so happy to present this sweet baby to world! Newborn photography is near and dear to my heart because I was not able to have newborn photos of my own sweet princesses and I still wish I had been able to (and the youngest is 7 and oldest 17!). Continue Reading

Couple Photography | Patience and Wayne | Tallahassee

Couples Photographer Tallahassee

Cute couple

Sooooo……………. as some of you know, this is my daughter Patience. Getting these photos was nothing short of a miracle. Back story: I have not been able to take photos of her since she was 13. She is now 17 and her brain seems to be unthawing a bit. She is actually coming around to the idea that I am NOT evil and that some of what I say is legit.  Continue Reading

Newborn | Armour | Tallahassee

Catalytic Camera Newborn Photography In studio

Newborn Peanut Armour

This wonderful little newborn with jet black came in at just a couple days old. It was such a great experience because that little booger would NOT go to sleep. I tried a sound machine, turning the temp up and eventually rubbed my hands with lavender oil. Apparently that did the trick as he finally passed out on his pile of books! Love this little guy! Continue Reading

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