About Me

Amanda L. Wynne

Hi! Here is a little bit about me…..I was born in Montana, then lived in upstate New York. Fast forward a couple years (I won’t say how many) you will find me in Tallahassee living out my dreams! I have an AMAZING family that includes my fiance Chantelle, my daughters’ Patience (18) and Aliamina (8), a son Trent (15) and then 5 cats that I currently like more than my teenagers. JK! I love my kids and pretty much everyone I can. I feel like there is enough love for just about everyone <3 

I am a member of the Tallahassee Professional Photography Guild, where I hold a board position, Florida Professional Photographers and Professional Photographers of America. I have won some awards here and there and have spoken at a few conventions…. but the most important part is… I LOVE what I do an will make sure you feel that in every photo I produce!  

My favorite things – in no particular order: Hiking, photography, music, cats, cartoons, food, rainbows, unicorns, and following my dreams while creating yours!

Tallahassee Photographer Family 

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