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Family portraits from Tallahassee and the surrounding north florida area

Wilson Kids | Maclay Gardens | Tallahassee

Took these two little munchkins to Maclay Gardens in Tallahassee and they where so sweet! They acted like they have been modeling for years because they certianly were pros! Although many shoots have their outtakes, there were only a few as they seemed to just roll with it. Although this little princess was against the cheese grin that day, I think she was perfect just the way she was! I love being able to capture these moments for families because time goes so fast we often don’t get the opportunity to sit and enjoy each and every moment- nor would we want to- my little one just wiped a booger on her brother yesterday… you can have that moment. Being a mom/dad is a gift but let’s face it…. I need a break to sit in the bathroom with the door closed to eat a kit-kat because I don’t want to share with the kids 😉

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Rest and Relaxation

Recently I underwent a major surgery. I know what you are thinking…. OH NO how will I ever cope without updates from Amanda!!!…. well rest assured, I am currently healing nicely and here is your update. I have had the most wonderful people around me that have been gracious enough to let me heal without any problems or risk.

Here is the thing…. one can only take so much Netflix!  As I have sat here and pondered over why banana was named banana or why my dogs always wait until I sit down to tell me they have to go outside, I came to the realization that I don’t have many pictures of my family! My youngest is the cutestest kid in the whole wide world (I may be biased) and my oldest kids are super gorgeous so WHY do I not have any pictures?

During my recovery time, my mother in law rolls into Tallahassee. Promptly after arriving, she then heads to her winter condo in Daytona. Of course the kids want to go to the beach and swim in all the pools and water parks her condo offers. With the promise of a restful time, I agree to go. There I was waited on hand and foot and fed all of the magical delights her and my husband offer *they are both Chefs.

Once again, while sitting there gorging on real Italian meatballs, I realize again that I have little to no pictures of my kids. I enlist the help of my husband to help me capture out little vacation. He has no idea how my camera “thingy” works but he followed instructions very well and came back to me with super fun pictures. I was even able to capture a few myself!

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