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Family portraits from Tallahassee and the surrounding north florida area


I had a wonderful woman contact me close to the holidays about having a photo session with her mother. She was flying into Tallahassee and was only going to be here a short time. I was blessed to have been able to work with her in regards to the time frame because this session was pretty close to my heart. Her mother was here in Tallahassee and she was from NY. As some of you may know, for a long time, my mom was in NY and I was in Tallahassee.

I knew how important it was to be able to get these pictures done for her. There is nothing that can bring back a moment like a photograph of someone you love. I think as ever moving and changing people in 2016 we take for granted the photos we don’t take thinking there will be some photos on your phone but how often do you take the time to go back and look at them and are they really print worthy for formal events like a wedding or a funeral? This shoot was special to my heart as it was something that a daughter was doing for her mother for a Christmas present. Such a sweet sentiment knowing the daughter understood the importance of such a wonderful event. I am grateful for having been able to provide this experience for her and her wonderful mother. Still brings a tear to my eye.

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Anjohrin Family

Anjohrin 2015-75A LONG long time ago in a galaxy far away (really just Tallahassee) I had the privilege to meet  this amazing woman.  I was a new kid and she had a heart of gold.  At the time it was her and the dog but as time grew we welcomed a sweet baby boy to the mix. This little boy was the catalyst for my division of newborn shooting. I recently had the opportunity to capture his newborn little sister and her wide eyes. This family has a piece of my heart and I look forward to capturing many moments to come. Continue Reading

Adieren and Xavier

As soon as Adieren contacted me in regards to a photoshoot I knew it was going to be magical. Not only is she smart and funny but also wild and free. Her son Xavier is a super charmer and loves to have fun! When we went into this Tallahassee city shoot, I knew it was going to be fashion orientated and super sassy; however, I was even more excited when I uploaded to my computer to edit. The attitudes and charm of these two were amazing and showed in each and every picture. It was a wonderful opportunity to photograph these two and I certainly can’t wait to do it again! Continue Reading