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Sooooo……………. as some of you know, this is my daughter Patience. Getting these photos was nothing short of a miracle. Back story: I have not been able to take photos of her since she was 13. She is now 17 and her brain seems to be unthawing a bit. She is actually coming around to the idea that I am NOT evil and that some of what I say is legit. 

On a side note, this session was very hard for me. Not just because she would never let me take photos but because she is with her boyfriend. Yes, I said boyfriend. What I still envision to be my baby girl, has a boy in her life that she likes better than she likes her mommy. UGG. Its a tough one. On one had, I was excited to be able to take photos of her, but on the other, I certianly wanted to vomit from the idea that they where holding hands (nooooo don’t even say kissing).

I love her. She is beautiful. I like him. He is sweet. <3

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