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Newborn photographer on location in home

Sweet Newborn Sofie

A couple months ago I had the opportunity to do a maternity shoot for this AMAZING mama… Well the very next day she went into labor. I am so happy to present this sweet baby to world! Newborn photography is near and dear to my heart because I was not able to have newborn photos of my own sweet princesses and I still wish I had been able to (and the youngest is 7 and oldest 17!).

Amanda Thomas working with newborn for photoshoot

It seems like the first five days is a whirlwind of emotions, visitors and poop.  Because of this, I make sure to go into the homes of my babies so that mama doesn’t have to get out of jammies! No I don’t care how clean your house is or if your hair is brushed or not. Take a second to relax while I take care of the baby. Trust me…. you deserve it. I have 4 kids and know what its like to be able to take 5 minutes to yourself. I got this. You do you mom! You will even see a photo of me in there doing my thing…. I love having the chance to “work”with such miracles! *My job is the worst 😉

How do you work with light you ask??? I utilize natural light where I can and if its not there… I MAKE IT. All I need is about a 6X6 area and a plug for my heater to make it comfy cozy. I have an app on my phone that simulates a heartbeat or white noise to sooth the wee baby- although most of the time, if we are lucky enough to get the first 5 days, they will be sleeping anyhow! Throw in a little bit of lavender essential oil and we are golden!  

With all of that said, here is sweet sweet Sofie!!!

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