Tallahassee Pumpkin Patch

Tallahassee Photographer Pumpkin patch photos

Pumpkin Patch Photos

So we all know I am a Tallahassee Photographer but what I am not sure people know is that I have a bagillion kids. OK…ok… not a bagillion but I sure do have a lot of kids around at all times. I am someone that values the sound of kids laughing and even kids arguing. I love to hear my tiny humans working through problems- such as which pumpkin is the “bestestest”. I was able to take my kids (and some extra ones I might not even know) to the Tallahassee Pumpkin Patch today. For the first time, I was able to be in some of the photos!

No Regrets

I love that my family is willing to at least learn a thing or two about pushing a button so that I may be able to be in some precious memories. I don’t care what I look like or how big the bags are under my eyes, my kids will cherish these photos after they move away or even after I die. I beg of you…. YES YOU reading this….. to please let your family take photos of you. If they cant do it, then let me, let a friend, let a dog…… whatever….. just please do it!!

Tallahassee Photographer pumpkin patch photos

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