Rest and Relaxation

Recently I underwent a major surgery. I know what you are thinking…. OH NO how will I ever cope without updates from Amanda!!!…. well rest assured, I am currently healing nicely and here is your update. I have had the most wonderful people around me that have been gracious enough to let me heal without any problems or risk.

Here is the thing…. one can only take so much Netflix!  As I have sat here and pondered over why banana was named banana or why my dogs always wait until I sit down to tell me they have to go outside, I came to the realization that I don’t have many pictures of my family! My youngest is the cutestest kid in the whole wide world (I may be biased) and my oldest kids are super gorgeous so WHY do I not have any pictures?

During my recovery time, my mother in law rolls into Tallahassee. Promptly after arriving, she then heads to her winter condo in Daytona. Of course the kids want to go to the beach and swim in all the pools and water parks her condo offers. With the promise of a restful time, I agree to go. There I was waited on hand and foot and fed all of the magical delights her and my husband offer *they are both Chefs.

Once again, while sitting there gorging on real Italian meatballs, I realize again that I have little to no pictures of my kids. I enlist the help of my husband to help me capture out little vacation. He has no idea how my camera “thingy” works but he followed instructions very well and came back to me with super fun pictures. I was even able to capture a few myself!

I often take for granted the moments I could be capturing with MY family and the importance of having memories that I can share for years to come. Being a photographer to me means providing a service that freezes moments in time that you are able to cherish whenever you want. It means reliving a moment and being able remember what might have been forgotten. I can’t stress enough the importance of taking pictures and having tangible photos in your hands or on your walls. You will only regret the pictures you didn’t take.  Below are a few of my favorite pictures!

IMG_9221 IMG_9255 IMG_9268 IMG_9323 IMG_9328 IMG_9332 IMG_9334 IMG_9437 IMG_9420 IMG_9417 IMG_9416 IMG_9397 IMG_9371 IMG_9341-2 IMG_9339 IMG_9335

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