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Your headshot is a quick glimpse into who you are as a person as well as gives you an advantage over the competition. If your headshot is outdated (nine months to a year old) or taken with a selfie stick think about what you are trying to get across when people are looking at your headshot. Some points that came to my mind where….

A) YOU are outdated and not really willing to change, B) you may be a slacker or not care about your personal brand or C) you are not a professional and may not carry yourself that way when it comes to your clients. Harsh reality but it really is true. You have a very short time to make a first impression.  Many studies have been conducted on that very subject. 

“It takes only take 100 milliseconds to form an impression of someone from just looking at a photo of their face” – Princeton psychologists Janine Willis and Alexander Todorov (presented in the article “First Impressions,” in the July issue of Psychological Science)

Benefits of headshots

Another aspect of headshots is putting a face with a name. Having a headshot that can be seen and referenced, helps to put your clients at ease and deepens the connection with first time visitors. Clients, vendors and modeling agencies are more likely to trust you and move more efficiently with decision making if they have a mental connection with your face and name.

I hope you re-evaluate your headshot and what your brand is trying to portray. An updated headshot communicates that you are in touch with current changes in your industry and you are ready to bring your clients or agency to the next level. If you decide to invest in your future please feel free to contact me here. Below are some tips and tricks for me, your Local Tallahassee Headshot Photographer 🙂

Top 10 Headshot Tips and Tricks

  1. Your session can be indoors or outdoors depending on the mood you are going for. I can come to you or we can do in studio.
  2. No crazy colors like purple, blue, orange, etc., for eye shadows.  No shimmering colors or glitter. The best makeup is clean and natural, not heavy. No Makeup with any kind of UV or SPF protection as it can reflect light and make you have shine spots. * If we are shooting outside so you may want to bring some blotting paper for your shoot.
  3. This one is a little funny but practice your facial expressions in the mirror before the shoot. This allows you to see what you think is your best angle or if you would like to smile with teeth showing or not.  *I will always get both anyway.
  4. Don’t worry about blemishes and fine line. I will be doing light editing making years disappear while keeping the natural feel.
  5. Make sure your fingernail polish is not chipped. Although we are doing headshots, you never know how the pose may take you – creativity happens on the fly.
  6. Try not to cut or dye your hair the night before the shoot. Waxing eyebrows the day of is also not advised.
  7. Please Do not tan/spray tan the night before. Murphy’s Law will apply and you will get streaks.
  8. Try to keep jewelry and clothing patterns to a minimum. We want to make sure your eyes and smile are not overpowered. Make sure clothing is comfortable because that will be your focus instead of putting forth your personality.
  9. Get PLENTY of sleep! Puffy red eyes are not included in light retouching- without a super great excuse.
  10. If you plan to have your headshot printed, please remember, the professional print lab that I use will ensure quality photo paper. This will represent you and your brand in a professional manner.

Please hop over to my gallery for headshot photography pricing. Invest in your brand.

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